In other news, I don’t ever want to poo poo on reviews or loyal readers, but I’m not really sure how to react when someone calls a scene ‘cute’ if the scene was decidedly not cute.

I can see how a LW clinging onto Charon in certain situations, might be ‘cute.’ However in This is the Dead Land, she’s doing it because she’s in the middle of her first real firefight, and he elbows her off roughly and reacts in a cold manner to her.

I had meant it to seem cold. Am I not conveying his dislike for her properly?

Not the ‘Oh look at this stoopid vault gurl who thinks she’s awesome but I secretly luv her’ kind of dislike, but a genuine ‘this bitch is weird and a coward and I have no affection for her whatsoever’ kind of dislike.

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